2011 St. Louis Cardinals Offensive Projections

Here is what I have for Cardinals offensive projections as of now for 2011. I will most likely review this before the season begins.


Let’s crunch my thoughts on these numbers.

Schumaker is a bit of a concern, Will they stick with him at second base for the year? With LaRussa, I believe so. Skip will have an average year with fewer hits and lower batting average due to some less playing time.

Lance Berkman can be baffling. We have no way of knowing but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and call it that this will be a big offensive year for Lance. He will love batting in front of Albert and Matt.

Albert Pujols is in for a monster year. Not even the fact that contract time is around the corner because he has already earned that. It’s just going to happen!

Matt Holliday is smooth and will also have a bit of an uptick in his numbers.

Rasmus will have a slight down turn. So much has been written about Colby and Tony that I am not sure he will get the opportunities he has in the past.

If David Freese stays healthy he may provide the key to winning the pennant. He has the offensive skills to produce.

Yadier Molina is likely to see a bit of a downturn due to overwork. Yes, it doesn’t seem to bother him in the past but time has a way of telling you things about you body.

Our new shortstop, Ryan Theriot, appears to be happy he is a Cardinal player. I see an upturn in his offensive numbers from his other years.

From the regular bench we have John Jay with a few less hits but a higher batting average and Allen Craig is going to struggle. He sees competition in Lance Berkman and I feel that won’t sit well.

That’s it, my 2011 St Louis Cardinals Offensive Projections.  In the next few days I will project some pitchers stats for the 2011 Cardinals season as well.

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