A Look at Umpire Statistics

Fans go to the game and the first thing they look at is who are the umpires today. Which one is behind the plate?  You do that, right?  Probably not. But be assured the pitchers and managers and coaches know full well which umpire is calling the game and their tendencies.


Let’s look at some random numbers and then see if we can make any judgments on it.

The umpires each called between 33 and 35 games behind the plate. Four umpire were behind the plate in 36 games.

Innings called- Joe West led the league with 665.7 followed byBob Davidson with 665.3.

Outs called also correlate to the innings eaters like West with 1997 and Davidson at 1996.

Which umpire called the most strikes (I am now leaving West and Davidson out of the equation)? C.B. Bucknor called 6665 strikes which led the league.

Greg Gibson called 3994 balls in thirty-five games.

The lowest ERA umpire is James Hoye at 3.16 and he came in second in WHIP behind Gibson who posted a 1.25.

Which one witnessed the most hits per 9 innings? Bucknor comes in second at 9.48 only to follow Gary Barrett at 9.56.

Phil Cuzzi has the highest strikeout-to-walk ratio in the league at 2.52.

Gary Darling leads in strikeouts per 9 innings by a rather huge margin with 7.89 and Brian O’Nora comes in as the leader in fewest walks called per nine innings at 2.81.

Lastly I mention two umpires that have the largest batting average while they are behind the plate. At .273 we find Gerry Davis and at .272 is Ted Barrett.

What’s this mean? I wish I could tell you in some exact terms but I can’t. I am sure Chris Carpenter knows which umpires will lean on him more than others. They know the ones that call the most balls and strikes. I would guess they go over this stuff in every pregame meetings they have.

What no Angel Hernandez? Doesn’t he throw people out in every game?


1) Bob Davidson (10)

2) Joe West (9)

3) Paul Emmel (7)

4) Tim Timmons (7)

5) Marvin Hudson (6)

6) Angel Hernandez (6)

7) Hunter Wendelstedt (6)

8) Adrian Johnson (5)

9) Rob Drake (5)

10) Bill Welke (5)

11 Andy Fletcher (4)

12) Tim Welke (4)

13) Ron Kulpa (4)

14) Mark Wegner (4)

15) D.J. Reyburn (4)

16) Jeff Nelson (4)

17) Greg Gibson (4)

18) Angel Campos (4)

19) Dan Bellino (4)

20) Dale Scott (4)

21) Bill Hohn (4)

22) John Hirschbeck (4)

23) Mark Carlson (4)

24) Mike Everitt (4)

25) Paul Schrieber (3)

26) Larry Vanover (3)

27) Chris Guccione (3)

28) Alfonso Marquez (3)

29) CB Bucknor (3)

30) Gary Darling (3)

31) Sam Holbrook (3)

32) Eric Cooper (3)

33) Laz Diaz (3)

34) Marty Foster (3)

35) Jim Reynolds (3)

36) Tom Hallion (3)

37) Gary Cederstrom (3)

(stats courtesy The Left Field Corner


For Your information: (from ESPN survey)

Overall Best Umpire

1. Jim Joyce (named on 53% of surveys)

2. Tim McClelland (34%)

3. Jim Wolf (15%)

Who are the Three Worst Umpires in Baseball?

1. CB Bucknor (37%)

2. Joe West (35%)

3. Angel Hernandez (22%)

Who has the quickest hook?

1. Joe West (35%)

2. Rob Drake (12%)

3. Bill Hohn (9%)


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