Cardinals GM John Mozeliak’s Report Card going into Break


This is about halfway into the off-season and I thought it was time for some evaluation.

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak has been busy, or doing his job, no matter how you look at it. From my perspective I believe he has done a decent job to this point.

Carlos Beltran was signed this week to a contract that appears a bit high at $13M per year but it is for two years and that is fine. Next year they may need him in a different spot and he will be available for it with some contracts coming off the books. The money was there and this is a good use for it.

Rafael Furcal was re-signed to be the everyday shortstop. Some have concerns and they are legitimate about his age, his injuries and his pop in the bat. He will likely bat lead-off and is a switch hitter. He has the ability to defensively play the spot. Tyler Greene is the back-up and that is a good plan.

Skip Schumaker was given a new deal. We need players to fill-in and he can spot start. This was not a horrible signing and the fact remains he is a leader in the clubhouse.

JC Romero is a lefty pitcher and will give us some options for the LOOGY instead of trotting Mark Scrabble out there everytime. This was a low risk deal. I don’t like his numbers from the past but if used correctly he may be serviceable.

Did not sign Albert Pujols- That can be debated for quite some time. To me, the amount of money Pujols wanted was not what the Cardinals should have given him so the non-signing was fine.

All in all Mozeliak has had a good winter making decisions to help them towards the goal of remaining World Series Champions.

For his efforts I am giving John Mozeliak a B+

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