CardinalsGM Tweets on 2009-07-30

  • @whygavs Can I #
  • @whygavs Can I be honest? I feel sorry for Pirates fans having to go through this cycle every few years. It will continue to happen. #
  • @MatthewHLeach Can’t give it to the Pirates. They do this cycle of purging players every few years. Pathetic for a MLB team. #
  • @MatthewHLeach Keeping McLouth to build around would have helped. They will just do this again in 3 years. #
  • seriously, how many on base mistakes does that make for Thurston? #
  • I hope Weaver gets the “O”. He is and will forever part of Cardinal history of the good times. #
  • Hawksworth is showing the brain trust something to chew on tonight. #
  • Wow. Hawksworth gets my vote for player of the game. There were many, but Blake was the glue. #
  • New post! CardinalsGM Tweets on 2009-07-29:
    Oswalt leaves in the 2nd with an injury. #
    Buehrle needs t.. #
  • @whygavs Who the Cubs giving up for these guys? #
  • @C70 I think you will see Molina get Friday off with Boggs as the starter…prob better yet, Sunday with Monday an off day. #
  • @whygavs Thanks. No clue as to the quality of the players involved? They are keeping it close to the vest. Do you see it as “very probable”? #
  • @mlbtraderumors Is this the fastest 2 starters were either released or traded after a game? Ortiz and Hart???? #
  • @SI_JonHeyman Is this the fastest 2 starters were either released or traded after a game? Hart and Ortiz???? #
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