Could You Ever Switch Your Favorite Team?

Could you switch teams? Is that really possible?

You must not be much of a fan…or are you so much of a fan you feel the need for some reason?

This is for the serious baseball fans, not the bandwagoners or the casual observer.

I am serious, what would it take for you to become a fan of another baseball team?

I am sure some of you have moved to another city that hosts major league baseball, have you or did you become a fan of that team? Or did you just “adopt” that team and remain a Cardinals fan?

Which other team could you see yourself becoming a fan of? I just returned from the Los Angeles area and I could see my self becoming absorbed in their culture and begin to follow the Angels and the Dodgers and with time become a fan of theirs. Afterall, if you are going to the games you don’t want that team to loses games, you want a winner. Could you take a team like the Astros or the Cubs and fully envelope yourself into their fandom? Maybe you feel it is ok to have a favorite National League team and American League team. I know several like that. Is that acceptable and still be a true-blue Cardinals fan?

What would it take to make you mad and quit becoming a fan of your favorite team?

Last question: Which team other than the Cardinals could you accept hitting the “like” button on and why?

For the RECORD: I will always stay a Cardinals fan but could “like” another team.


I am heading to Spring Training in Jupiter, Florida soon and will be doing live blogging from Roger Dean Stadium. I am heading up to Viera, Florida to watch the Nationals. Any other place Spring Training site I “must see” while down there?



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