You Gotta Know St. Louis Sports Trivia- Game Review


You Gotta Know

St. Louis

Sports Trivia Game

If you haven’t gotten “You Gotta Know St. Louis Sports Trivia Game” now is the time. We all have been places and there is always “that guy” who is a blowhard and knows-it-all about sports in St. Louis. He believes he is the authority on the Cardinals, Rams and Blues along with other sports related things that have happened in Arch City.


Now you can call his bluff with this top-of-the-line game manufactured and distributed by AppSetGo, Inc. The knowledge needed ranges from easy to very difficult. Your knowledge of history is tested as you go about answering the questions.


The game comes in a tin box and that is very appealing to the eye and laid out with directions on the box. There are hundreds of cards with questions labeled A,B,C and D on each card. The card has point values of 1,2, or 3 to get point value for answering correctly. There are a few 7 point questions sprinkled in to add excitement to the game.


The directions tell us to play to 21 points but you may wish to raise that if you are a definite sports buff in St. Louis. It takes at least two players but is recommended and probably best with more. This would make for a great party game of sports minded people. There are more questions than you could ask in several games, therefore, fresh material is always on hand.


It’s a great game and we truly enjoyed playing it in a competitive way with all of our sports staff wanting to take home the crown. It’s worth the money and can be bought at Amazon for a quick ship to you home. We recommend it for your personal use and/or a gift for the sports people in your life.


  • 125 trivia cards with 500 Questions
  • Easy “Race to 21” game play
  • Baseball. Hockey. Football. Basketball. Players. Coaches. Trades. Draft picks. Numbers and records. Buildings, ballparks, and arenas. It’s all here.
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