Is it really RESPECT, Albert?

What says RESPECT to the Professional Athlete?

In basketball is it the double team? How about the baseball player is in when they pitch around you or intentionally walk you. Is it having people hound them for an autograph? Howe does a professional athlete get respect?

This week there is a media hoard over where Albert Pujols is going to sign. Last year people followed the Le Bron James story all the way to ESPN. Both of them said they wanted respect. But what did/are they doing? They are following the money. They are wanting top dollar for their services. It appears that if they can be the athlete, in their sport, that makes the most money, they call it respect.

The only true power money brings to us is the power of “choice”. It can be used in the wrong way giving others the false impression that “spending power” makes someone truly powerful. It can cause corruption and bring false friends more often … many governments are proof of that .More likely than not, those with money have a false sense of power due to the many people around them, using them in some pathetic attempt to find their own happiness and call it respect.

Power may bring the “appearance” of respect because money allows you to “buy” people and things … unfortunately just because something or someone can be bought doesn’t mean you buy respect along with it. People put up with and give up a lot for money … many times their own morals and beliefs … which is why the world is in the state it is today.

To be respected you must be respectful. You must give respect to get it. Money has little to do with it in the end. Sure money can buy choices … but it can’t buy happiness. Many of the richest, most powerful people in the world are the unhappiest because they haven’t ever figured out that only YOU can create your own happiness. No amount of money and nothing you can buy will ever be able to do that. Proof of that is in all the drama we see surrounding rich celebrities and politicians everyday.

True power and respect come from a good and loving heart my friend. No matter what happens … at the end of the day I’d rather be comfortable and happy with good and loving people around me … than have all the money in the world. Certainly, you can have money and be respected … but that seems to be a rare thing in this world we live in. Money does not automatically equate true power in the end … but rather many false friendships and a never ending search to fill the empty void that can’t be filled no matter how many “things” you own.

It is not the money that brings respect. Don’t undo the good things you have done and the great community affairs you have been involved in just to squeeze some more money out of some teams. I know you can still do those deeds but with this money “first” mentality that is coming out of the Winter Meetings, it is not shedding the proper respect you may believe it does.


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