Lefthander to Watch – Dalton Moats

I attended the 16 yr old (Juniors only) showcase (players had to be invited) that was hosted by PerfectGame at Terry Park in Fort Myers, Florida this week. I came away impress with some players that could really “bring it”. The most impressive, to me, on Wednesday was a left handed hurler from the Kansas City area Dalton Moats.

Dalton faced nine batters and threw mainly in the 83-85 MPH range and reached 87 one time. He was able to use his changeup at 70-71 MPH to keep hitters fooled. He struck out all nine batters he faced. A smooth delivery he is able to hide his pitches very well. Appears that he is a thinker on the mound as he never grooved a 1ball 2 strike pitch and always kept the at bat in his favor.

He was invited back on Friday

He was one of the better pitchers and kept pace very well. Most of the pitchers of the day appeared not as prepared to throw at 8AM in the morning. Moats gave up a bloop single and then fanned the other three to close out the only inning he was asked to pitch in.

Keep your eyes peeled for this youngster as he progresses forward.

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