Looking at the 2016 Numbers- Pitchers (Speed and Selection)


There is not much to talk about this off-season as the Cardinals always hold their cards (pun inteneded) close to the vest. Very little to no information is being leaked or made available about the plans for GM Mozeliak and the Cardinals.

We know Dean Kiekhefer is gone along with Jeremy Hazelbaker and Tim Cooney. Look for more to be gone that are holding the process through injuries and stuff.


Let’s take some time to look back at the numbers, both good and bad, that the team put up in the 2016 season in which they finished 17.5 games behind the Cubs and failed to make the playoffs.


Let’s start with some dry numbers about the pitching staff last year:

Adam Wainwright faced 847 batters and tossed 3,195 pitchers. In those pitches he had a 1-0 count 326 times, 0-1 411 times and 111 was a full count. he got two strrikes on a batter 418 times and a 3-ball 163 times. He fanned 161 batters and walked 59. He induced a ground ball 266, a line drive 255 and a fly ball 187 times. He threw a strike 63% of the time and started the batter with a strike 14% of the time.

Carlos Martinez saw 809 batters and 15% of the time they saw a first pitch strike, He threw 65% strikes for the season with 3,028 total pitches. He only went to a 3-ball count 149 times while going 1-0 303, 0-1 408 times and ful count 97 batters saw that.

Mike Leake only had 77 batters see a fullcount in the 757 batters he faced. Only 11% of the time did he get a first strike into the batterbut he did throw a strike 66% of the time. He totaled 2,659 pitches, fanned 125, walked 30, induced 314 groundballs, 123 line drives and had 148 flyballs hit against him.

Jaime Garcia faced 741 batters and fanned 150 with 2,578 total pitches thrown last season. He only got to a full count 75 times, a 2-strike cout 307 times while 130 times the batter he faced got to a fulll count. He walked 57 and struck out 150.


What Pitches Did they Throw?

Garcia– his average fastball velocity was 90.5 MPH. He threw 63% fastballs, 19% change, 16% cutter and 2% curve. This was among the 2,578 pitches that he threw.

Leake– his average fastball velocity was 90.6 MPH. He threw 48% fastballs, 9% sliders, 8% change, 29% cutter and 6% curve. This was among the 2,659 pitches that he threw.

Martinez- his average fastball was 95.6 MPH. He threw 59% fastballs, 19% sliders, 18% change and 4% curve. This was among the 3,028 pitches that he threw.

Wainwright– his average fastball was 90.3 MPH. He threw 42% fastballs, 2% change, 29% cutters and 27% curveballs. His total pitches was 3,195 for the year.

Reyes– his average fastball was 96.5 MPH. He threw 64% fastballs, 5% sliders, 24% change and 8% curveballs.

Rosenthal– his average fastball was clocked at 97.1 MPH. He threw 78% fastballs, 14% change, 8% cutter and less than 1% curves.

Oh- his average fastball came in at 92.8 MPH. He threw 61% fastballs, 31% sliders, 7% slitters and less than 1% curves.

Broxton– His average fastball was 94.4 MPH. He threw 58 % fastballs, 31% sliders, 9% change and 1% curveballs.


The off-season has been touted as we don’t need to do anything to the starting pitching as Lance Lynn will be back at some point. But let’s face it, this staff is average at best. I still look for at least ¬†two of these named above will get moved this winter,

Other notes:

Carlos Martinez has the fastest (96 mph) fastball for any pitcher at the age of 25.

Michael Wacha comes in at 92 mph at age 25.

Trevor Rosenthal is 27 yrs old and has the fastest fastball at 96 mph at his age.




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