Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Checking the June Schedule


Oh, I definitely remember as a child that when June/July got here there would be work to do in the hay fields. Things like bailing, unloading the wagon, putting it up in the hay mound and it was a dirty, nasty job.

Now is the time for the Cardinals to do some dirty, nasty, and hard work. They need to step up now that the primary opponents in June will come from the National League Central.

The sun is out and the weather is very good for baseball. Let’s look at the June schedule. Today, June 1st, is the final game of the Los Angeles Dodgers series and the Cardinals need to win it to keep the series even.

The Cardinals go on the road but do not have to travel very far as they invade Wrigley Field and have a 3-game series with the Cardinals. Friday finds Lance Lynn facing John Lackey, Saturday features Mike Leake and Jon Lester squaring off and the Sunday Night game is Michael Wacha and Kyle Hendricks.

The Cardinals stay on the road at will face the Cincinnati Reds. Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn and Mike Leake will likely be the pitchers of record for this 4-game series. This is where the Cardinals need to make some hay. However, every time the Cardinals play them they let someone like Schepler or Duvall beat them with the long ball.

Next, is another NL Central foe as the Cardinals come home to face the Pirates. This team has been horrid but is showing some signs of getting better. Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez and Adam Wainwright are on the bump for this series.

June 12th the Cardinals get the day off as the Cardinals can stay in St. Louis and prepare for another NL Central rival in the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This is a 4-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers. Lance Lynn will get the first contest which is scheduled to be a doubleheader so a call-up is in order. Followed by Mke Leake and Michael Wacha. We need 3-out-of-4 to make some hay.

Interleague play begins June 16 with the Cardinals the Cardinals traveling to Camden Yards to take on the Baltimore Orioles for three games. The Orioles have been good and this will be a tough series. If all stays in order, the Cardinals will be loaded with Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn being the starters.

The Cardinals get June 19th as an off day.

Now the team heads to the City of Brotherly Love to face the Phillies for three games. Philadelphia hasn’t bee very good and now some games can be made up Leake, Wacha and Martinez will be handed the ball to start.

Next. a trip to Pittsburgh to play the Pirates for a 3-games series. Waino, Lynn and Leake will be ready to take some games on the first place team.

The Cardinals have a make-up game on June 26 at home against the Cincinnati Reds. Look for someone out of the rotation to make this start.

Now out to Arizona for 3 with the Diamondbacks and finish the month with the Nationals at home.

A total of 29 games in the month of July. I see a 19-10 result from these games!!


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