Cardinals GM Site Review

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Cardinals GM Site Review

Welcome Cardinal fans. This is Knup with! This is our first ever screencast, or attempt at a screencast, so bear with us as we learn how to do these. We are hoping to do plenty more in the future as we review more of the Cardinal sites out there. We thought we’d start with a review of our very own site. When I say review, we are basically going to go through the site and show you how to navigate through it. You can access Cardinals GM by going to the URL in your browser.


Cardinals GM consists of two main bloggers, Tom and Knup (Ryan). For the most part, Tom is the feature blogger as you can see by looking at the posts – most are written by Tom. He does a lot of writing and enjoys the Cardinals blogging and social media aspect of things. If you ever get the opportunity to talk with or @CardinalsGM – definitely enjoy talking Cardinals baseball with him!

Posts and Writing

As you browse the site and posts you will see a lot of different type of writing. A lot of historical posts and a lot of stuff on the prospects (such as the 2011 Cardinals prospect post). Mostly things about the Cardinals in general. It is a great blog site and during season we have nice recaps. One thing is apparant, Cardinals GM is not your typical “statistical website”. We don’t crunch every number but we do give you a couple opinions on Cardinal baseball in general!

Social Media

Cardinals GM does have a Facebook page as well. But, there are only 22 people that “like” this page. Please take some time and view the page and like it to help us grow. We have had a pretty big following on Twitter but the Facebook following hasn’t quite grown much yet. Twitter is another site we ¬†use a lot. You can find them at @CardinalsGM. Tom manages the Twitter account all day long so send him a tweet anytime as we love to talk Cardinal baseball.


One thing Cardinals GM is trying to do is get into the Cardinal history aspect of thing. We have an entire page or section dedicated to Cardinals history. If you go into that page you will see that it is a full archive of Cardinals history. It currently only has a handful of posts but in the future it should be loaded with Cardinals history events. Just remember that in the future – if you are ever wanting to read about events in Cardinals history come to this page at Cardinals GM.


Cardinals GM is a member of the UCB (United Cardinal Bloggers). The UCB does joint projects and votes on different things. They have a radio show that CardinalsGM participates in as well. Cardinals GM has been around since 2006 so they are very established. Might not have the most content but have been around for awhile. 2011 has some exciting things in store for Cardinals GM. We hope to increase the post count and really increase their participation within the Cardinals social network.