Ooooh that Smell, Can’t you Smell that Smell – MLB Baseball

Ooooh that smell
Can’t you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell

Those are the words from a Lynard Skynard song and they sum up my thoughts very succinctly concerning baseball and Spring Training. There is a certain feel about it. A certain mindset takes place when thinking,watching or listening to the Boys of Summer (not the band but the baseball players)  come back for Spring Training.

Ahh, yes! Baseball season has finally arrived and every fan from two-years old to one hundred and two are donning their favorite team`s baseball hat and heading for the park or stadium to take in the enjoyment of the great game of baseball.

When Spring comes so does baseball Spring Training.  Spring training is a time for major league teams to let rookies or new players audition for a spot on the team`s roster and let the existing players on the team practice and get ready for the upcoming season.

Spring training is held in warm climate areas such as Florida and Arizona as-well as other places. Many of the teams today have been taking part in spring training in the very same areas for many decades. A good example of this is the Los Angeles Dodgers who from 1953 ” 2008 had been holding their spring training operations at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida. The Dodgers moved their spring training camp to Glendale, Arizona in 2008 due to a very lucrative offer from the newly built Camelback Ranchfacility there in Glendale, Arizona.

Spring training normally lasts around two months with the pitchers and catchers being the two positions to arrive to spring training first followed by the other players. Pitchers need to have a longer duration to get ready for the season because pitchers really have a more exhausting position to train for. After the rest of the team arrives, the practice begins.

Spring training consists of many exhibition or practice games and gives teams managers a chance to evaluate players for certain positions and to make the final cut for the team. It also gives the local community a connection with not only Major League baseball but the team itself. Many fans make it a point to travel to spring training to watch their home team practice, meet players, get autographs and sort of begin the upcoming baseball season early. Also, many college students hold their spring break at various cities that are having spring training.

The forward movement of the season of spring comes the season of baseball. The season of baseball in spring has the essence of the smell of fresh blooming flowers, freshly cut grass, and warm summer like temperatures coming with it.


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