Outstanding Cardinal Performance -1966 Larry Jaster

Outstanding Cardinal Performances- Volume 1

The casual fan has probably never heard of him. The strong Cardinal fans probably do not know about his 1966 incredible performance. But it was outstanding,

In the 1966 season the Cardinals placed rookie Larry Jaster on their roster. He had a decent ride to the big leagues so nothing unexpected was likely. He went 11-5 that season as the Los Angeles Dodgers became the National League champions. But what he did to those Dodgers is just stunning. He started five games against them that season and shut them out ALL FIVE games! He never allowed an extra-base hit to them as they managed 24 singles in 45 innings of work. This was against a very powerful Dodgers team. When faces other teams he went 6-5 with no shutouts. Larry Jaster pitched four seasons for the Cardinals and accumulated a 32-25 lifetime record and his seven year career record ended at 35-33.

This was truly an Outstanding Cardinal Performance!

Baseball Reference Link to Larry Jaster

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