So Far This Season- Prospects 21-30

The season has just begun so many numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, the most games anyone has played on this list today is ten games. But in order to keep abreast of the prospects, here are the prospects listed #21-#30 on the Cardinals list. We hope you enjoy […]

Home Opener Information


From St Louis Cardinals Press Release   OPENING DAY IN ST. LOUIS — APRIL 4, 2019 All 16 Living Members of the Cardinals Hall of Fame Will Attend 2019 Home Opener    A pregame ceremony that welcomes home the 2019 St. Louis Cardinals, honors the club’s Hall of Famers and commemorates the great tradition of […]

It’s Time!

So here we are….. the opening day of the major league baseball season is just about here. Fans have been watching for news and information on who and what will make up this team. Now we have a 25-man roster and a solid grasp on what is ahead of us. The big news came early […]