Should Baseball have a Salary Cap and what the Carmelo Trade Means to MLB

The trade by the Denver Nuggets of Carmelo Anthony brings me to the point that this is bad for sports. Couple pf points about the NBA and then I promise to bring it back to Major League Baseball. To allow “stars” to congregate together on just a few teams is bad business. Do you think the Nuggets will ever have another star? Only if he blossoms there. but he will soon escape to the big market teams and the lure of advertising opportunities and championships.

I think MLB needs a salary cap, or something that helps balance the talent among the teams.

What is a salary cap?

A salary cap is a limit on the amount of money each team can spend to fill its roster, therefore requiring the team to work within a set budget as it adds each player. It is not rare for sports associations to have to work within monetary constraints: both the National Football League and the National Basketball Association have salary caps. It is a way of helping to ensure fairness so that the competition between the different teams remains intense and interesting instead of having one or two wealthier teams dominate and consistently win.

The league does have the “luxury tax” rule that requires some revenue sharing to better balance the owners income that can be used for signing players. However, it’s never worked as projected as an alternative to an annually fixed salary cap like the NFL uses.

All MLB owners are millionaires or billionaires, so it’s difficult to feel sorry for the ones that can’t or won’t spend as much.

The owners willing to spend the big money can still sign the proven free agents and pack their team with all stars and higher quality players. You don’t have to look any farther than the AL East to see how that is working.

I think this disparity in how much money teams spend has a detrimental affect on the game. Lower tier teams are less likely to spend resources developing minor league talent, since they know they’ll only get a few years production from the guys before losing them as free agents to a team that has the big bucks.

So what we see is owners staffing their core teams with average to mediocre players, then trying to sign two or three stars to make the teams competitive with the Yankees and Red Sox. It might work for a year or two, but it’s not a good way to build a consistent winning team.

What are your thoughts on this?



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