Snow on da ground and I am Smiling about Baseball

Snow on da’ ground…..snow on da’ ground….. Drivin’ like a fool wit da’ snow on the ground….look at ya now – car spinnin ’round…..drivin like a fool wit da’ snow on Da ground!!!… Slow it down ..

We had more snow last night but I am smiling today. This is from a guy that dislikes snow. The smile is because I am getting ready to attend Spring Training in Florida.

No snow there. Nice and comfortable, sunny Jupiter Florida will be a nice break from the white stuff. I am also attending games in Viera and possibly Port St Lucie, Florida.

Why Spring Training?

There is nothing as magical as spring training for a northern baseball fan: that sudden rush of warm air when departing from the three-hour airplane ride, the realization for the carbound that the snowline is firmly in the rear-view mirror and the outside temperature is fast approaching short-sleeve territory.

Spring training is almost as old as baseball itself. The best evidence points to spring training first taking place in 1870, when the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Chicago White Stockings held organized baseball camps in New Orleans. Other baseball historians argue that the Washington Capitals of the National League pioneered spring training in 1888, holding a four-day camp in Jacksonville.

The specific origins really don’t matter. By 1900, spring-training was firmly established as a baseball ritual, with most American and National League teams heading out of town so players could train and managers could evaluate. Small Florida and Arizona communities were suddenly known across the nation because of the allure provided by major-league baseball. St. Petersburg. Fort Lauderdale. Tucson. Sarasota. Bradenton.

The previous words came from Spring Training Online and they are very true. Magical and comforting.

On another note, I am considering making the 9 hour drive to Memphis to catch a minor league game. Anyone been there and can give me some advice for my trip?


MLB Network 2011 Spring Training Game Schedule

All times Eastern. STARTS TOMORROW

Sat., Feb. 26 1pm Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees
Sat., Feb. 26 11pm (td) Colorado Rockies at Arizona D-backs


Enjoy the snow.



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