The Cardinals Organizations Exudes Class for Social Media Day at Busch Stadium

The Social Media gathering (Blogger Day) get together provide by Cardinals organization was nothing short of first-class. They really know how to treat people well.

The greeting by Kathy Langenfeld and Molly Radcliffe was superb. These are two young ladies that obviously enjoy their jobs. They were polite, friendly and full of smiles while offering to help at every turn. First off we received a goodie bag of stuff and then they took us to the administrative area where the Cardinals have three glass board rooms that look out over Clark Street. Of course, some pictures were taken at those tables. The meeting started and immediately they introduced General Manager John Mozeliak. He took plenty of time to talk to us about his philosophy on how to construct a roster and how the thought process that went into the off-season decisions. He probably spoke to us for 25 minutes with questions and answers. His relaxed attitude was reassuring as he appears to be a guy that knows he is in charge but is not going to panic. He is going to listen to those he has surrounded himself with and make an informed decision.

Then Derek Throneburg chatted with us about dynamic pricing and how it works, the idea behind it and the benefits to both the fans and the organization. He also cued us in on the renovated area of Busch Stadium and particularly the Redbird Rooms. Upon completion of that they took us to our seats via the Redbird Room and its over 50 television sets. The view from there was spectacular. Then on to our seats in the Legends box seat area. Some of us were in the Bob Gibson room and some in the Jack Buck Room.

The food was especially delicious as an all-inclusive area where brats, hot dogs, bbq, brisket, pasta, nachos and a host of other foods were available for us. All the drink we could muster and an inside/outside seating area where some of us got away from the windy conditions outside.  During the game several members of the staff for the Cardinals came in and chatted with us and made us feel at home.

Almost on a side note was the fact that the Cardinals won their first game of the year.

All in all it was a great time and was “well done” by the Cardinals. Thank you Cardinals organization for being first class. It makes me proud to be a Cardinals fan.



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