It’s Spring Training- Let the Wailing and Gnashing Begin

Let’s talk about this.

Spring Training is exhibition baseball.

Exhibition baseball doesn’t count in the standings nor does it mean you have to show your best stuff. It is time to “work on things”. This last week the Cardinals are likely to trot out their “A” lineup to gear up for the marathon season.

Let’s look back at the past 11 Spring Training seasons and compare the wins and losses and also the pitchers ERA.

2005 – 11-5-2   3.73

2006-   15-14-1   3.65

2007-  16-10-3    2.29

2008- 17-10-2     4.01

2009-  19-12-2    4.35

2010- 15-14-1     4.95

2011-   14-16-1    3.79

2012-   16-9-2      3.05

2013-    16-14-1    4.20

2014-    11-13-1     5.27

2015-    13-11-3     3.06

Currently, the Cardinals are 8-12-3 on the Spring Training circuit with four games left as I write this. That means they are on path to have their worst record in the last 12 years at Jupiter.

However, it is Spring Training and we already identified that players need to work on things. That is where we are in trouble. The Cardinals have committed way too many errors, ran the bases poorly and have fail to hit many home runs.

Now that sounds a bit like the regular season of 2015.  Are you a bit worried before the season begins. I admit that I am.

“Concerned”, yes.


Maybe the wailing and gnashing of teeth is the thing to do.



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