This is What They Played For

It comes down to this.

One weekend left and a one game lead with three games to go.

Facing the Cubs without their top three players sounds easy, but it won’t be.

The Cubs would love to knock the Cardinals out in reciprocation for last weekend.

The Chicago subs are still trying to show the organization they can play in the “bigs.”


Dakota Hudson gets the ball in his most important start of his season. The first inning is always a concern for him as his ERA is much higher early. Why does that happen to many pitchers? Do they warm up too muh or not enought? Are they focused on saving some gas in the bullpen to ensure they get at least five innings in and qualify for a win. Something isn’t right there.

Adam Wainwright gets the ball on Saturday and his record at home is very good. But the first inning again rears its ugly head. Sunday’s starter is contingent on whether the Cardinals have clinch or not.


So, why CardinalsGM blog, have you not written much this year?

I am glad I asked myself that question. First of all, I got wrapped up into complaning too much about a team that was a good team The fans, including myself, we all over the organization all year and just flirting around first place. We are a spoiled bunch aren’t we?

If you look around the internet, there are tons of Cardinal blogs that deal with the everyday banter of the season from regular fans such as I am. They have no special insight into the team as all we can give is our own opinions. I am not sure that is worth much as I prefer to read the articles from those that follow the team on an almost daily basis with access to the inside. Don’t mix up bloggers with real journalism.


Let’s win this thing!

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