UCB Award Winners

Here are my selection for the 2008 awards.

1) Player of the Year: Albert Pujols

Simply the best. Should have won more that 2 MVP’s.

2) Pitcher of the Year: Kyle Lohse

He was the one we could count on.

3) Game of the Year: September 9 vs. Chicago

Anytime the Cubs lose and anytime Lou gets mad and frustrated, it  has to be good!

4) Surprise Player of the Year: Ryan Ludwick

All Star caliber in 2008. Let’s go for another.

5) Disappointing Player of the Year: Jason Isringhausen

He did almost nothing for us but blow save after save and TLR kept putting him out there.
It was hard not to vote for Chris Duncan

6) Cardinal Rookie of the Year: Chris Perez

Fireballer than showed he has the stuff to be anointed the next closer.

7) New Cardinal of the Year: Troy Glaus

Slow start had us worried. Glaus was very good after that. Good find.

8 ) Most Anticipated Cardinal: Colby Rasmus
I definately WILL NOT vote for him three years in a row!

9) Best Individual Blog: Bird Land

Silky smooth with writing.

10) Best Team Blog: The Cardinal Virtue

Always on top of the story.

11) Best Professional Blog: 3 way tie.

Hard one to choose.

12) Best UCB Project: Top 7 Prospects

Always fun to discuss the future of the Cardinals.

13) Most Optimistic Blog: Cardinal Nation Globe

You won’t find one that hangs in there for the long haul any better.

14) Funniest Blog: Cardinals Diaspora

Funny and crude sometimes but always a laugh.

15) Best Blog Post/Series of the Year: Biggest Plays of 2008, Fungoes

Always insightful

16) Rookie Blog of the Year: Pitchers Hit Eighth

Simply outstanding. Watch out Cardinal blog readers, this one has the makings of the best.

There you have them. One side note, watch out for the next project that I predict will be big and that is the Blog Talk Radio by the United Cardinal Bloggers. Could be huge.

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