Vegas Win Totals- Numbers to Beat Them

If you are a betting person, here are the WIN TOTALS from Vegas for each team.  I have a few of these that intrigue me.


Arizona 81 Under 79
Atlanta 87.5 Over 90
Baltimore 78 Over 83
Boston 87.5 Over 94
Chicago Cubs 68.5 Under 68
Chicago Sox 77 Under 74
Cincinnati 83.5 Over 85
Cleveland 80 Under 79
Colorado 75.5 Over 76
Detroit 89.5 Over 92
Miami 69.5 Over 71
Houston 63.5 Under 62
Kansas City 79.5 Over 86
Los Angeles Angels 87.5 Over 90
LA Dodgers 93.5 Over 95
Milwaukee 79.5 Over 80
Minnesota 71.5 Under 64
NY Mets 73.5 Over 75
NY Yankees 85.5 Over 88
Oakland 89 Under 79
Philadelphia 76 Under 75
Pittsburgh 84.5 Under 84
San Diego 78.5 Under 75
San Francisco 85.5 Under 85
Seattle 80.5 Over 84
St. Louis 91.5 Over 94
Tampa Bay 87.5 Under 86
Texas 86.5 Over 90
Toronto 79.5 Under 78
Washington 87.5 Over 93


As you can see there are a few teams that I have big differences with and some of them are San Diego, Minnesota, Washington, Kansas City and Baltimore.

What do you think?

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