“Watch the Game, Watch the Game” We aren’t Chicago Cubs fans, people!

Observations from my seat in Section 170 from last night;

Have you ever gone to Wrigley Field to a baseball game? I have and what they do their is appalling to say the  least. They do not watch the game. They are there as a party with a game as a sidenote. It is a chance to drink and drink and get drunk. It is a chance to parage around and be noticed. Be sure to look good when going to Wrigley… people notice. They aren’t watching the game they are people watching, doing the WAVE, singing stupid songs  and ordering more drinks. They are in the building and tavern outside the game and just not too interested in the game.

Now on to Busch Stadium last night. What I saw bothered me. People near me were in and out of their seat 5-8 times during the game. Get the nachos, get more beer and watch me strut. During the bottom of the second inning 7 girls got to their seats in front of me for the first time that game. They each had their bottle of beer and made a loud and obnoxious entrance so that all noticed them. They sat down and 5 of them pulled out their cell phones and took picture. No, not of the game or the stadium but of themselves with one of the other fiends, Probably facebook material. In the bottom of the third inning one of them needed to have a smoke so she needed her tickets and the gal on the other end was the keeper of the tickets so that was a scene in front of all of us.

They did hear the music because they just HAD to dance with every walk up song played and never knew who was up to bat or made a cheer for action on the field. The game was not important to them and they made it clear to all around them it was time for another beer to two throughout the game.

Now for the most disgusting event of the night. Bottom of the 9th inning and the game is tied and a guy from the section over to the right of me gets in front of both sections and wants to orchestrate the WAVE. The WAVE! It is a TIED game in the 9th inning and he is the cheerleader. Several people, including our friend Bill Ivie of Ive League Productions, chant back at the guy, “watch the game, watch the game” and after 3 unsuccessful attempts the WAVE dies out and he sat down. People booed the cheerleader.

This is not Chicago, people. We are not the Cubs. We don’t want to be them. We are the Cardinals and our success is indirectly tied to the fan base and their knowledge. Let’s keep it that way.

If you go to the game, pay attention, please. Don’t bother the other fans.


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