We are being fed horse slop.

Now Carpenter is out for a minimum of 3 months. Did the medical staff lie to the fans? If they didn’t, then they are very poor in diagnosing anything in the last 2-3 years. Consistently (there is that word again) mis-diagnosing. I am afraid we may have seen the last of the really good Chris Carpenter. I know, I know, he had this done before and became a Cy Young winner later. But come on, how many times can you have chips taken and still be good? We shall see.

I am ready for a complete overhaul. Even with the management. They won the WS and now they are living high on the hog from it. The owners reaped big profits and continue to feed us horse slop for players. Look at the offseason acquisitions. Woopee. Adam Kennedy. Kip Wells. They will put us over. Then they use anyone that can throw the ball near the plate as a starting pitcher. Ryan Franklin has been a good 8th inning guy and Izzy has done decent in the pen.

Edmonds is playing old and let’s not forget the 2 yr deal we signed him to this winter. This is going to have some long term ramifications when it comes to signing future players. Preston Wilson, a bust. He gave us a few weeks last year but now we know why he was DFA’ed before. He can’t play well. So Taguchi was given a contract and now we watch his 9-hop a throw from center field to home (actually 9 got it to the pitchers mound). Eckstein, Mr MVP, is really in a funk for the year. Anyone tell David to stay out of the Wrestling ring this winter? No, of course not.

Tony. I really appreciate what he has done for the Cardinals to this point. But he has lost his leadership ability. Was it that fateful day in Jupiter when he was asleep at the wheel? I don’t know. But something has changed. The fire has gone out. There is not even embers glowing. Cold. Dark. No passion. any passion he had was sucked out with the death of Josh Hancock. Thanks Tony and welcome Joe Girardi.

Walt Jocketty. Thanks for your years of service. Most of them have been good. But the last 2 winters have shown that you are not willing to help us get the difference makers. Maybe ownership has held you back. If it has done that, then Walt should have said NO and moved on. He is comfortable and sitting in the “fat cat” seat.

Bill DeWitt. Ownership has made a bundle of money. They have torn down Busch Stadium and build a new one even if we didn’t really need it. I am not convinced the new one really is better for the fans but rest assured it has all kinds of potential for the owners to get richer. Cash in Bill.

Horse slop. We are fed it daily but those “spin doctors” in St. Louis. Change the karma. Change the anything. But we are known as the “Best fans in baseball.” Is that because we accept without challenge or is because we know good baseball and cheer for it?

Somebody forgot to clean up after the Clydesdale that were at the stadium on opening day. The remnants are still there.


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