While We Wait- Possible Cardinal Milestones in 2019

Here we are sitting in the cold Midwest waiting for the warm weather to make its way to us. While we wait, and no action is going on, I thought you should get a glimpse at some of the milestones that Cardinal players are within reach of attaining. Remember, this is a list and there are players ahead of some that I list but they are just not within sniffing range of getting to the next milestone marker.


  • Yadier Molina needs 150 to reach 2000 hits
  • Matt Carpenter needs 2 to reach 1000 hits
  • Marcell Ozuna needs 154 to reach 1000 hits

Runs Scored

  • none

Home Runs

  • Yadier Molina needs 4 to reach 150 home runs


  • none

Total Bases

  • Dexter Fowler needs 135 to reach 2000
  • Kolten Wong needs 225 to reach 1000

Times on Base

  • Paul Goldschmidt needs 131 to reach 2000
  • Kolten Wong needs 261 to reach 1000


  • Paul Goldschmidt needs 3 to reach 300
  • Kolten Wong needs 5 to reach 100


  • None

Base on Balls

  • none


  • none

Stolen Bases

  • none

Games Played

  • Yadier Molina needs 130 to reach 2000


Adam Wainright needs 2 to reach 150


  • Andrew Miller needs 147 to reach 1000

Innings Pitched

  • Adam Wainwright needs 68 to reach 2000
  • Andrew Miller needs 274.7 to reach 1000


  • none

Games Started

  • Adam Wainwright needs 15 to reach 300

Games Played

  • none

Batters Faced

  • none

Errors Committed

  • Matt Carpenter needs 7 to reach 100


  • Yadier Molina needs 47 to reach 1000
  • Paul Goldschmidt needs 282 to reach 100


  • Paul Goldschmidt needs 654 to reach 10.000
  • Marcell Ozuna needs 326 to reach 2000


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